Dinner Share

In March 2020, when faced with the myriad restrictions imposed by COVID-19, I joined forces with my friend and fellow personal chef, Sarah Angileri, of Proper Meals. Together we decided to launch a meal delivery service so that we could safely continue cooking and serving our community amidst a pandemic.

Thus, the Dinner Share was born.

Here are the details:

  • We offer the Dinner Share every other week.
  • We hand-craft each menu respecting seasonality and our shared penchant for regional Italian cooking.
  • One share costs $200 and includes four dishes, each of which contains four portions. Half-shares are also available for $120.
  • Delivery is $25. Currently, we deliver in and around Chicago.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accomodate substitution requests, but if you are vegetarian, we can adjust many of the dishes to meet your needs.
  • We cook off-site in a professional-grade kitchen and carefully follow all safety practices recommended for food service workers.

If you have further questions about the dinner share, please e-mail me.