I cook the meals in your kitchen. I bring my own knives and other small tools but will use your kitchen for larger tools such as pots and pans.

I tailor the session based on your needs. You can purchase a package of two, three, four or five meals. A meal is composed of a protein and a side dish.

This depends on how much food you request, but in general the cooking sessions last anywhere from two to five hours.

Fees vary based on how many meals you choose and the frequency of visits.

I am not a dietitian and do not provide nutritional advice. However, I have experience working with clients with dietary restrictions and can accommodate those restrictions to the degree that my expertise and experience allows. It’s always best to speak over the phone or in person to decide whether we are a good match. If I’m not the right fit for you, I am always happy to help connect you to another personal chef who can take good care of you.

That is entirely up to you. Some people are home the whole time I’m cooking, others leave me a key, and still others float in and out. I will work with whatever option makes you feel most comfortable.

This is a common question and one that I’m inclined to push up against. I would argue that what we feed ourselves and how we do it is just as important to our physical and mental health as sleep and exercise. If you prioritize your well-being, then bringing in someone to help you with mealtimes starts to make a whole lot of sense.

Yes I do. Generally I work with parties of up to 20 people. 

I am always on the hunt for new and exciting ideas. I regularly peruse Food52, Milk Street Kitchen and Serious Eats  I also own a sizable cookbook collection and love the feeling I get when I stumble across an old dog-eared recipe and rediscover it for a client. Of course feedback and requests from clients are always welcome.

Email me to schedule a phone consultation where we can explore a possible collaboration.