Taste of Italy Tour

Are you eager to experience Italy through a different lens? Do you long to understand Italy through its vibrant food culture by planting yourself squarely in the lived experience of eating? Have you dreamed of visiting Italy like a local, of having an immersive experience without having to do all the planning?

Join me on an eight-day culinary tour through Rome and the Tuscan countryside to learn what Marcella Hazan meant when she said: Eating in Italy is one more manifestation of the Italian’s age-old gift of making art out of life

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Rome is an impossibly beautiful, raw, electrifying place. Of Rome, the 19th century American sculptor Edmonia Lewis said: I thought I knew everything when I moved to Rome, but I soon found I had everything to learn. It is a place that continues to unveil itself to you the longer you look. Because of the near-constant archeological excavation, there are cross-sections of history sliced open in every corner of the city that tell stories of war, famine, betrayal and plentitude spanning thousands of years of history. The cooking is simplistic but refined, reflecting a dynamism that’s uniquely romano. The Roman kitchen makes regular use of sharp, aged pecorino romano, all variety of offal and mentuccia, an intensely aromatic dried mint that grows wild in the region and is often added to braised artichokes. Claudia Roden described the atmosphere of eating out in Rome as infused with “noisy cordiality and joyfulness.” To read more about what it’s like to live in Rome, click here.

Tuscany is an endless inspiration for the senses. It is the place that birthed the Renaissance, home to Michelangelo, Donatello, Giotto, Da Vinci. There you will learn to love beans  -- Tuscans are lovingly referred to as mangia fagioli or bean eaters -- and experience in real time the quintessential Tuscan glow as the sun rises and sets over hills carpeted with Sangiovese grapes. Tuscany tastes like bright, grassy olive oil, woody rosemary, roasted chestnuts and finocchiona (salami stuffed with fennel seed). To read more about what it’s like to travel and eat in Tuscany, click here.

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Tour  Highlights

  • Market visit + cooking class with Latteria Studio, a homey food photography and multi-purpose kitchen space with the most incredible natural light in all of Rome
  • Tour of the famed Testaccio neighborhood and market, which is home to more than 100 vendors in the heart of this vibrant district on the Tiber river.
  • Wine tasting with Joy Kull of La Villana, a natural winery and hidden gem overlooking Lake Bolsena in Lazio
  • Four-night stay in the Tuscan countryside at Fattoria Poggio Alloro, an agriturismo run by the Fioroni family situated just outside of San Gimignano that is also a fully functioning organic farm producing honey, cured meats, wine, olive oil and a variety of heirloom grains
  • Wine tasting + lunch at the historic Castello Volognano just outside Florence
  • Tour of Martelli pasta factory outside Pisa, a traditional artisanal pasta factory run by the Martelli family since 1926. Their spaghetti dries at a low temperature for 50 hours before it’s ready for packaging!
  • Truffle hunting in the woods with Savini Tartufi and their master truffle dog + truffle-themed lunch


Brianna is a writer, cook and culinary teacher based in Chicago who has also lived in Florence and Rome. Her cooking is guided by a uniquely Italian sensibility that’s grounded in seasonality with a particular focus on vegetables. She writes a weekly essay along with a seasonal recipe on her blog.

September 4th  - 12th, 2019

Double occupancy: $2,700
Single occupancy: $3,000

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Payment will be processed in two forms. The participant can opt to pay in full upon registration or pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve a spot on the tour and pay the balance in two installments. For the latter, the participant will be invoiced. The balance can be paid by check, bank transfer, Venmo or Chase QuickPay.

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For a full itinerary and detailed information about the tour, click here: Itinerary Tour 2019.

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This exclusive tour is limited to 10 people.

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